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Off to Wellington for the awards night!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

I am really happy to have one of my recent paintings Men at dinner selected for Adam Portraiture Awards which is currently on display at New Zealand Portrait Gallery Te Pukenga Whakaata in Wellington. Mostly I loved that my work is sitting beside some awesome artists such as Ben Mitchell with his piece In the offing. The play of warm and cools used to describe sunset evoke melancholic notions of the passing of time. I also loved the gaze of Self-portrait with twin by Melanie Hall, I remember standing in front of this painting for while admiring it! Last by not least Mark Anstis Midwife, A joy to look at!!! You can also get to have your say at for the people choice awards - ends August 9th. Excited to see what the public has to say!

On the way to the gallery I spotted this performance Art piece. 4 individuals standing inside containers 3/4 way filled with water. I wish i took notes of the script, unfortunately I didn't; I was busy enjoying the performance. Each figure seemed to be dealing with the issue of identity; the first one is a young woman who appears to have a butt and breast implant, the second woman is pregnant and struggling to keep her belongings in her handbag, the third is a transsexual, and the fourth is a business man (who if I can recall correctly occasionally covers his face with a plastic bag). the figures take turns submerging and emerging from water, while submerged their stress and anxiety is apparent and as they emerge they are calm and steady. The aspect I found most interesting was the understated choice of location. I don't think I would have stopped to watch for so long had it been in another setting.

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